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Is use of the API really free?  Yes! Our parent, ACT allows us to do so under their nonprofit umbrella, so we will continue to offer API usage and the hundreds of thousands of free resources for free. We also offer a Premium API, with details below.

As part of ACT, OpenEd's goal is to provide teachers with the most effective online resources, no matter what platform they are currently using. Therefore, we provide OpenEd resources to other companies (like yours!) via our API. With our API, your teachers can search for videos, games and assessments, querying by granular learning objective, type of resource, free or premium, publisher name(s) and more. For details on how to query OpenEd for resources, please read our API documentationPlease write to to request an API key and to arrange a discussion about the API integration. If you are interested in submitting resources via our API (free or paid) to OpenEd, check out our Content Store terms.  

API Terms Summary

The summary of the API terms are as follows:

1) Use of the API is free.  But you must execute resource searches or individual resource access from your software using an OpenEd account for your user.  So you will need to create OpenEd accounts via our API for all of your teacher users and student users.   For teachers this is their email.  For students this is a unique token of your choosing. 

2) You agree that OpenEd may use the provisioned email to inform users of features of and changes to the OpenEd service. You can ask to approve any such emails we send.  

3) You shall not cache or store resource metadata.  It is very important that queries are live and results presented to users immediately.  Cached metadata of resources is likely to become stale and lead to a bad user experience, reflecting poorly on both you and OpenEd. 

4) You must only present to users the URL (such as versus the underlying URL.  While we are careful to credit the underlying author, the metadata, especially our accurate standard alignments, presented on the page optimizes the user experience.  

5) You must give OpenEd a test account for your service to try your integration within one day of launching your OpenEd integration.   

6) OpenEd is part of ACT, Inc. Therefore, you must only refer to our service as either "OpenEd"; "," or "ACT”.

For your guidance, you can find more demonstrative information about implementing our API here.

Check out some of our current partners:

Here are a couple examples of implementations of the Resource API that we particularly like. They have minimal setup time, a nice search experience for the teacher, and an easy way to share with students. StandardsPlanner is free, easy to sign up, and even has drag and drop sharing functionalities. Here is a video showing how it works!

Standards Planner:

Agilix "Buzz":

For inquiries, please write to

...for FREE!

If your company has an LMS, assessment tool, or any other educational product designed to help teachers and students, OpenEd can help you provide even more value to your audience. Your users can find the best and most effective resources for each standard and each student through OpenEd's resource library. OpenEd has the world's leading educational resource library, with videos, games, assessments, and homework covering each Common Core Math and ELA standard, as well as NGSS, NY Social Studies, TEKS, and more. We know we're not the only resource library out there- we just try to be the best. Here's what we do a little bit differently:

"Which video or game is actually aligned 1.NBT.4? And how do I know which video is better? Do I really have to watch all of them?"

By using the OpenEd resource library, your users don't have to ask any of these questions. All of our resources are accurately aligned- we do not crowdsource this metadata. Instead, we use machine learning and subject matter experts to make sure our alignments are accurate.

We also return all our search results based on their efficacy rating, so the resources with the highest proven effectiveness are at the top of the list. This takes the guesswork out for your teachers- they can rest assured that the best videos for their given standard or search criteria come up first. 

"My students took a quiz, and its seems they all have different knowledge gaps. Now what? There's not enough time in a day to address each one!"

There is a certain "secret sauce" in OpenEd's assessments. It's pretty remarkable actually. After a student finishes an assessment, for each question they missed, OpenEd returns the exact, hand-picked video that helps the student learn that micro concept. This means that depending on which questions they got wrong, your students are watching different videos that address their specific areas of need. Yup, you get this in the API too. Try this assessment to see what we mean. 



For full documentation, view our Apiary

OpenEd Premium API

The standard OpenEd API is free.  We offer a premium API as well.  It includes querying for fine grained skills, state or international standards we don't currently support, private repository hosting, and others (such as loading to the Learning Registry.)  Fine grained skills are often called "unpacking;" many companies and districts have created their own learning objectives that are more detailed than standards.  Here is one example of fine grained objectives.  Premium API costs .50c per student per year for over 10,000 students; $1 for under that.